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Sega ponders Guardian Heroes PSN launch

Developer issues Facebook poll.

Would you buy Guardian Heroes on PSN?

The side-scrolling brawler already has a makeover booked for its relaunch on Xbox Live Arcade this autumn. Sega wants to know if PlayStation 3 owners are interested, too.

Guardian Heroes is a classic Treasure-developed beat 'em-up from the halcyon days of the Sega Saturn. The remake brings HD graphics, online co-op - and the option to switch back to the original at any time.

"Guardian Heroes is coming to XBLA, but we've heard rumblings from fans that you'd like a PSN version as well," a post on Sega's Facebook page and official forum reads. "If Guardian Heroes were to come to PSN, would you buy it?"

On Sega's forum poll 88.51 per cent have responded that they would. 11.49 per cent say they wouldn't. On Facebook, however, it's more even - 716 people say yes, 736 no.

So, would you buy Guardian Heroes on PSN?

How does Guardian Heroes look on XBLA?

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