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Brink stat-tracking site goes live

Brings with it Battle for the Ark meta-game.

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A stat-tracking site for Splash Damage's Brink FPS goes live today, publisher Bethesda has announced.

You'll be able to view in-depth player stats, match summaries and, from later this year, access tournament and clan recruiting features.

Only your freeplay matches are tracked, not Campaign or Challenges, and the site is divided up by platform. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 data is live now, with PC numbers being added soon.

There's also a weekly meta-game included called Battle for The Ark which tracks who's faring better out of the Security and Resistance factions.

Bethesda volunteered some post-launch figures to coincide with the site's launch. Apparently the game has hosted over a million matches since its release last month, with more than 10 billion XP points earned over 80 years of playtime.

Earlier this week, Splash Damage announced the first free DLC add-on for the game, titled Agents of Change, due out later this month.

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