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Free Brink DLC Agents of Change details

Fight inside that spire!

Brink will receive a free Agents of Change add-on in June that adds maps, abilities, weapon attachments and outfits.

Developer Splash Damage decided to waive the cost as an apology for the early-days bug fixing.

The Agents of Change maps are Founders' Tower, which takes you into that sky-scraping iconic spire, and Labs, an underwater science haven untouched by the civil war.

There are five new abilities: UAV, a spy device for marking opponents on the map or for detonating near unsuspecting foes; Napalm Grenade for thrown explodey fire; Pyro Mine for planting explodey fire; Field Regen Unit, for reviving all squaddies within an area; and Tactical Scanner, for revealing enemy buffs.

New weapon attachments are a stabby Bayonet and a riot-style stick-on Weapon Shield.

The Sad Punk and The Limey - a "traditional" European police officer - are the extra outfits.

Brink spent a third week in the UK all-formats top five software chart this morning, finishing fifth.

Eurogamer awarded Brink 8/10. "Brink is an exceptional team shooter, smart, supremely well balanced and with a unique, exciting art style," reviewer Simon Parkin wrote.

Brink on Xbox 360 and PS3 - which is better?

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