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Sledgehammer's COD spin-off sidelined

"Franchise extension" could still happen.

An action adventure title set in the Call of Duty universe that Sledgehammer Games was working on before it was drafted in to help out on Modern Warfare 3 could still see release, Activision has revealed.

Publishing chief Eric Hirshberg told IndustryGamers that the project hasn't been forgotten but the studio is currently concentrating its efforts on helping Infinity Ward finish up MW3.

“They were originally working on an extension of the Call of Duty franchise into an action/adventure genre and that’s a game I still want to play,” he explained. “That’s a supreme, incredible group doing that. All I can say is right now they’re 100% focused on Modern Warfare 3."

Sledgehammer was set-up in 2009 by Glen Schofield, the man who created Dead Space for EA, so it should know its onions.

Modern Warfare 3 thunders onto PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 8th November.