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F2P games coming to Xbox 360 – report

Pay with Microsoft Points.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Free-to-play games are coming to Xbox 360, according to a new report.

Microsoft is talking with developers to discuss free-to-play game deals, Develop understands.

This will be games that can either be monetised by in-game items or premium upgrade costs, Develop said.

Xbox 360 will incorporate a micro-transactions service using Microsoft Points.

Xbox Live has so far been a closed system, preventing massively multiplayer games, for example, from finding a home on the service.

Final Fantasy XIV Online creator and director Hiromichi Tanaka told Eurogamer last year that a "closed" Xbox Live blocked the game from appearing on Xbox 360.

And PlayStation 3 exclusive MMO shooter Dust 514 is in a similar situation. Developer CCP told Eurogamer at E3 this month that it went with Sony because "at least they have policies that allow us to build the game the way we want".

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