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Kinect hacker at GameCityNights

Kinect air guitar man to show off art.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The hacker behind Kinect Air Guitar will show off his latest project at the next GameCityNights event.

Interactive artist and designer Chris O'Shea will present his latest work using Microsoft's ten million-selling motion sensing controller.

O'Shea's projects include Kinect air guitar and a live interactive storybook for kids.

Attendees will experience the melding of video games and contemporary interactive art from a unique and intimate perspective, GameCityNights promised.

Director Iain Simons said: "Games are art. You know it, I know it even Roger Ebert knows it - he's just teasing for attention. So, having settled this once and for all I'm looking forward to spending an evening with some brilliant, creative people - and that's just the audience."

GameCityNights run on the last Thursday of every month at Antenna in Nottingham, Beck Street, NG1 1EQ. Head over to the official website for ticket details.

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