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Sega "intent" on Aliens Marines on Wii U

What about Creative Assembly's Alien game?

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Aliens: Colonial Marines was one of the games featured in a Wii U show reel during Nintendo's E3 press conference.

But what seemed to be irrefutable confirmation of the game's existence on Wii U has withered away: Sega sat on the fence at E3 and the show reel turned out to comprise PS3 and Xbox 360 footage.

Now Gary Dunn, Sega Europe's managing director of development, has declared his "intent" to Eurogamer to see Colonial Marines on Wii U.

"We are in the processes of solidifying it but yes," he told us, "it's certainly our intent to publish that game on Wii U."

Aliens: Colonial Marines is being developed by Gearbox Software, maker of Duke Nukem Forever and Borderlands. Eurogamer explored its spooky corridors at E3 and discovered a film-faithful co-op shooter.

Sega has another Alien game under development, too. It's being made by an expanded console team at Total War developer Creative Assembly. That project is in its infancy. Will Sega consider the game for Wii U?

"We're considering it," said Gary Dunn. "But there are no decisions on... The Creative Assembly Alien title we haven't announced any platforms for yet.

"As we go through production we'll need to monitor what the best platforms are to launch that game on."

The Wii U show reel from E3.

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