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Wii U both "good and bad" for EA Sports

Moore: developers' "heads are exploding".

The Wii U's unusual feature set is causing brainache within EA Sports, label boss Peter Moore has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with Gamasutra, Moore explained that his teams were very excited about the new platform but unsure how to best leverage the tech in its games.

"My dev teams - their heads are exploding, in a good way and a bad way," he said.

"How do we look at this new technology? We don't just want to bolt this on; this has to be relevant to the sports gamer."

Moore insisted he was a big fan of Nintendo's new system, stating, "once again, Nintendo is putting a different spin on things, showing that it's not all about graphic fidelity and processing power.

"In the world of sports, our minds are racing as to how we can bring a sports game to life in a unique way."

He gave one example of how its sports titles might use the controller - calling plays in a Madden game via the pad's touch screen would be "kind of a no-brainer for us."

He also hailed Nintendo's apparent focus on luring third parties back into core development for the platform, following the first party focus it favoured with past machines.

"We love the fact [Wii U] is high def, that Nintendo has a renewed focus on building online communities. Nintendo adds that kind of outlier mentality that is a very different take on what the industry needs, and more power to them," he says.

EA Sports hasn't officially confirmed any games for the system just yet, but hinted to Eurogamer last week that FIFA could well be a launch title.

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