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Today's Top Trailers - Day 5

Our final pick of the E3 bunch.

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Here we are, then - the final day of E3, and our final pick of the best trailers released in the past 24 hours. You can still watch our highlights from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, by the way.

So what was your favourite trailer of the week? Gibson's pick is the introduction to Wii U. "As a woman who lives in a house with beech laminate flooring, I am Nintendo's target market," she says. "And I welcome the arrival of any device which allows me to wirelessly send footage of an amusing parrot to my television screen."

"It's a bit of a girly word, uttered by men almost under their breath, but I'll say it - Zelda: Skyward Sword looks simply beautiful," says Phillips, as he skips down the road swinging his Hannah Montana backpack on his way to the Claire's Accessories summer sale.

Top of the Pops

1. Star Wars: The Old Republic Intro Cinematic

"Better than most of the prequel trilogy and probably any scene in "Jedi" with an Ewok in," says Phillips.

Gibson, once a fervent prequels apologist, just quietly shakes her head, after all these years no longer able to find the strength to defend things like "And you've grown... More beautiful", "Jedi poodoo" and Jimmy Smits.

Sure, the CGI cut-scenes look good. But what about the gameplay?

2. New Devil May Cry

"Little bit camp slow-motion monster shooting," Phillips observes. Gibson likes the look of any game with more colours than grey and brown in and looks forward to seeing what Ninja Theory has been up to since no one bought Enslaved.

The Devil May Cry is in the details.

3. Hitman: Absolution

"Snuff porn was never steamier," says Phillips.

"Oh good, a promotional video featuring a woman in a shower behind a misty glass door which doesn't leave much to the imagination. How startingly fresh and original," says Gibson, who probably is some kind of lesbian.

Makes Jason Statham look like Brian Cant.

4. Star Trek

Phillips likes the look of this, specifically: "Kirk and Spock in their younger, hotter days (aka not who ate all the pies Shatner) and lots of JJ Abrams lens-flare."

Gibson's still holding out for that long ago rumoured Babylon 5 MMO. "Actually, I'm thinking of calling my first child G'Kar."

Better still, how about an open-world sandbox game based on The Tribe?

5. Fruit Ninja Kinect

This video features a ninja fighting a man dressed as a banana. No further comment is required.

The watermelon outfit is probably our favourite actually.

And the worst...

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gameplay Trailer

"Yeah, about that intro cinematic," says Phillips. "Shame the actual game looks NOTHING LIKE IT."


This isn't the world's most exciting developer diary, either. "But before he can do that, he has to check his map. See that circle in the bottom right corner? Circles like this indicate the player's objective is located-" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

"Still, it's good to see the MMO really taking shape. Ten minutes of solid if not-groundbreaking gameplay," Phillips continues.

"Shut up, Phillips," says Gibson. "You're just trying to sound clever. Earlier you told me it just looks like a sandy Azeroth."

John Teti's fake Star Wars trailer - now that's more like it.

Runner-up: Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, which valiantly tries to pretend what 14 year-old boys want to do is swing imaginary swords at virtual goblins rather than play Call of Duty and ****.

That's it from us. Thanks for tuning in and do tell us what your favourite video of E3 was in the comments section below.

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