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No PS Vita for Europe this year?

Plus: Agent may not be PS3 exclusive.

Jack Tretton has suggested we may not see PS Vita this side of Christmas after all.

The Sony Computer Entertainment America boss was speaking during a live interview on GameTrailers. Host Geoff Keighley asked him whether Vita will ship globally this year. Tretton said yes - this "fiscal" year.

Keighley asked him what he meant by that. Tretton said he was referring to the fiscal year which ends 31st March 2012.

The implication, then, seems to be that some territories won't get the handheld till next year. But when Keighley pressed Tretton on which territories this might include, he clammed up.

It's all very confusing. Especially since fellow exec Kaz Hirai said just yesterday that Vita will be arriving "the holiday season this year".

So does that date just refer to the US? Or to Japan? Or perhaps Europe is getting the handheld first ha ha ha ha ha?

And there's more. During the same interview, Keighley asked Tretton whether previously unveiled Rockstar title Agent is still a PS3 exclusive. According to Tretton, that's a question we're going to have to put to Rockstar. Oh dear.

We're on Sony's case in a bid to get to the bottom of this fiscal year nonsense. Watch this space.