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NXE adds 10,000 more previewers

And Zapper added to Xbox Originals.

Microsoft has invited a further 10,000 people to the New Xbox Experience preview program.

This will be the third and final batch to join in, before the Xbox Live overhaul becomes available to the masses on 19th November.

To stand a chance at being picked, you will have had to fill out a Connect Program Survey. And unfortunately there's no way of signing up now if you missed the boat first time around.

But if you did do the homework, you may have received an email early this morning welcoming you to NXE. Major Nelson says there will be an update later this evening to sort everything out.

The New Xbox Experience adds all sorts of new toys, such as customisable Mii-style avatars, a redesigned Dashboard navigation system, and a grouping system where parties of friends can stay together whilst changing games or watching films or maybe just chatting.

Rather less exciting is news that Zapper, a distinctly average Xbox 1 game, will be arriving on Xbox Originals on Monday. Save the 1200 Microsoft Points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 14.40) for something else.

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