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Foo Fighters album for Rock Band

"The Colour and the Shape" next week.

Harmonix has announced that Foo Fighters album "The Colour and the Shape" will be released as downloadable content for the Rock Band games next week.

The album will cost USD 19.99 on PlayStation 3 and 1600 Microsoft Points (GBP 13.60 / EUR 19.20) on Xbox 360. Individual songs cost USD 1.99 on PSN and 160 MSP on Xbox Live (GBP 1.36 / EUR 1.92).

There are only 12 songs, though, because "Everlong" is already included on the Rock Band 2 disc. Presumably the cost of additional licensing to make it available to Rock Band 1 owners was prohibitive, or the devs didn't want to devalue the Rock Band 2 disc. Either way, expect to see more of that in future.

As usual, the DLC will be available next Tuesday (11th November) for Xbox Live and will follow two days later in the PSN update on Thursday (13th November).

Check out the Rock Band forums for more details.

We're having "Monkey Wrench" and "My Hero", obviously. You?