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Sacred 2 adopts unique PC DRM

Unauthorised installs act as demos.

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Ascaron has adopted a unique DRM system for the PC version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

This allows the action-RPG to be installed as many times and on as many computers as you wish, but turns all of the unauthorised installations into timed demos lasting 24 hours.

During that period, all content within Sacred 2 will be on offer, as will the full suite of LAN multiplayer options. Then eventually, when the free-time comes to an end, players will be asked if they want to buy the full version.

"We feel that consumers should have a right to choose, and this innovative system offers the perfect purchasing option for gamers," said Heiko tom Felde, boss of developer Ascaron, in a statement.

"It's a great system for family and friends, allowing everyone the opportunity to try out the game and play together, then making a purchase decision."

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel was released last Friday on PC, with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions expected early next year.

Look out for our thoughts on the hack-and-slash loot-'em-up soon.

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