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Koch pushes Sacred 2 console back

Action RPG now due "early Q2".

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Koch has nudged the console release of Sacred 2 back again, this time into the early part of Q2 2009.

The publisher had been poised for a March launch, a spokesperson for the company told Eurogamer, but gave no explanation for the delay.

We had, once upon a time, expected Xbox 360 and PS3 versions alongside the PC release last November. Presumably developer Ascaron wasn't keen on keeping trusted desktop fans waiting while the sequel expanded expanded the series to console.

As it turned out, the wait might have paid off; bugs and glitches sullied what was otherwise a welcome return to the realms of Titan Quest and Diablo.

But Ascaron is keen to fix all that, and rolled out a very meaty patch for the action RPG in December. We're trying to find out if this will be stuffed into the console versions.

Head over to our Sacred 2 PC review to find out much more.

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