Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


Sacred 2 expansion still in the works

Despite the demise of Ascaron.

UK charts: The Sims 3 rides high

Red Faction close, Star Ocean not.

Review | Sacred 2

Buggin' out.

Sacred 2 for PS3 and 360 in June

Without demo, says Deep Silver.

Sacred 2 expansion still in the works

Despite the demise of Ascaron.

UK charts: The Sims 3 rides high

Red Faction close, Star Ocean not.

Review | Sacred 2

Buggin' out.

Sacred 2 for PS3 and 360 in June

Without demo, says Deep Silver.

Koch pushes Sacred 2 console back

Action RPG now due "early Q2".

Sacred 2 receives monster patch

New bosses, graphics, portals, more.

Review | Sacred 2

Nothing is these days, is it?

Sacred 2 adopts unique PC DRM

Unauthorised installs act as demos.

Sacred 2 slips to 2009 on console

PC version still for early November.

PC demo of Sacred 2 now available

Great voice acting: 10/10.

Sacred 2 for PC, consoles in November

Diablo-like RPG with online co-op.

Sacred 2 coming to PS3

Due out in November.

Koch sets sights on 360

"Only the beginning".