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Sacred 2 receives monster patch

New bosses, graphics, portals, more.

Ascaron has rolled out a chunky patch to beef Sacred 2 up to the sort of size and quality initially expected.

Version 2.31.0, which weighs in at 620MB, can be grabbed from GamersHell (thanks Blue's News).

Top among the additions are ten new bosses to encourage wandering off the beaten path, a new level of detail for better performance, stronger original bosses, tougher dungeon baddies, and better drop-rates for loot. Check out the changelog to see what else is new.

Sacred 2 launched on PC in early November, and heads to PS3 and Xbox 360 in Q1 2009.

We quite liked the action role-player - probably the best fantasy clicker since Titan Quest. It's far from flawless, but worth a look if the PC demo rekindles your fondness for rats and loot.

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