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Nintendo formats boss US sales

PS3 finishes bottom of the heap.

The Nintendo Wii has been far and away the most popular console in the US during October.

Plenty of stock meant the motion-sensing machine sold a whopping 803,000 units during the four-week period, according to freshly minted NPD figures. And this sits very nicely with runner-up DS, which sold 491,000 units. Add those numbers together and they make 1.3 million, or thereabouts.

The price-cut Xbox 360 was next on the slate, selling 371,000 units, and was followed rather lazily by PSP with 193,000, PS3 with 190,000, and PS2 with 136,000.

All of this lead to a rather meagre overall growth of 5 per cent for the US market, although we should remember there were five weeks of sales in September and just four weeks in October.

Head over to our roundup of October's best-selling US games for the whole picture.

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