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Metal Gear Online gets hefty update

To coincide with MEME expansion.

Konami has altered a number of things in Metal Gear Online to coincide with the arrival of the MEME Expansion.

We knew a few of these tweaks were on the way, such as a No Headshot rule, Stealth deathmatches, and an Interval mode where people can chat and practice and not lose statistical pride.

But it's nice to see a full list of changes and know the update has been applied (thanks, PS3 Fanboy).

The MEME Expansion adds playable characters Liquid Ocelot - with his fancy targeting manipulation skills - and Mei Ling - who can transfix enemies - to the roster.

There are three new maps, too: the industrial Silo Sunset, the leafy Forest Firefight, and the snowy Winter Warehouse.

The MEME Expansion costs EUR 7.99, and can be bought as a bundle with the GENE Expansion for EUR 12.99.

The pack should be available now, although we couldn't find it on the PS3 Store. Perhaps this can only be gotten through Metal Gear Online.

Or we might be drunk.