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MGO Meme Expansion gets date, price

Out this month and yours for seven quid.

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Konami will be releasing the Meme Expansion for Metal Gear Online on 25th November.

Pre-orders can be placed for EUR 7.99 from 18th November, when there will also be a EUR 12.99 bundle pack containing both the Gene and Meme expansions. GBP prices are yet to be revealed.

The Meme Expansion adds a couple of special characters to the game: Liquid Ocelot with his fancy targeting manipulation skills, and Mei Ling who can transfix enemies, apparently - maybe she has eyes like the scary man on that Lynx advert.

There are three new maps, too: the industrial Silo Sunset, the leafy Forest Firefight, and the snowy Winter Warehouse.

A No Headshot rule tweak is also on the way, as are Stealth Death Match fights and an Interval mode, which lets players chat and practice and not adversely affect their stats.

And to top this off, Konami has set up a Tournament lobby to organise battles for points, which can then be spend on new "humorous" character costumes such as a Crocodile Cap or an afro.

The Gene Expansion was released back in July, but had all sorts of server problems as a result of heavy internet demand for the add-on.

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