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More than 4m copies of Fallout 3 shipped

Figure totally eclipses the one for Oblivion.

Bethesda's said that Fallout 3 has shipped approximately 4.7 million copies worldwide, amounting to a potential USD 300 million in sales.

This sterling achievement eclipses any past performance by the company; Oblivion came closest with 1.7 million shipped in roughly the same amount of time. Of course, installed bases have grown and Fallout 3 added an extra platform at launch, but the results are overwhelming nonetheless.

The gigantic post-apocalyptic RPG exploded into the top of the UK all-formats chart this week as a result, outselling all of the previous Fallout games combined - including spin-offs.

The first week sales for Fallout 3 were 57 per cent higher than those for Oblivion, in case you were wondering, and most of those (55 per cent) were of the Xbox 360 version. The PS3 claimed 28 per cent, and the PC just 17 per cent.

Fallout 3 was released last Friday to rapturous critical applause, and top marks from Eurogamer.

But where now for the game? Well, we put this and more of your questions to Bethesda's Pete Hines on Tuesday to find out.