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Ubisoft not doing Heroes game

Rights revert to NBC.

Ubisoft has given up on making a game about TV show Heroes.

"The rights to the Heroes videogame have reverted back to NBC Universal," US PR director Jaime Cottini told MTV.

"Ubisoft will no longer produce a videogame based on the TV series."

Heroes creator Tim Kring originally announced the game in July last year, when we were told it would be a third-person action game for PC, PS3 and 360.

The TV show is currently in its third series, but it has struggled recently. For example, we got bored of season two within about ten seconds.

Ubisoft may also have been bruised by the critical response to its Lost videogame, which I liked and apparently nobody else in the entire world did.

Heroes stars Hayden Panettiere as cheerleader Claire Bennet, and also features Ali Larter as Nikki Sanders. These details are superfluous to our news story, but gratuitously mentioning attractive famous women is allegedly how the Telegraph website gets hits, and we're not above that.

We've contacted Ubisoft to see if there's any more to Heroes' cancellation, but we don't expect much more than the statement above.