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Skate 2 coming in January

Graphics Creator to launch next month.

The sequel to EA's Hawkbusting skateboarding game has been given a January release date.

If you can't wait that long there's always the Graphics Creator to play with. This is a web-based application which lets you customise graphics for in-game hats, "decks" and shirts. It's due to launch next month on Skate.ea.com.

Skate 2 is set in the city of New San Vanelona, which is being rebuilt following a disaster. There are double the amount of tricks to play with, and you'll be able to get off your board and move objects around in the environment.

The game will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3 from January 23rd in Europe. Americans will get Skate 2 two days earlier and, if they pre-order, they'll get a special code to unlock the Throwback Pack, which includes retro clothing and accessories. There's no word on whether anything similar is planned for us lot.