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New details of Cube remakes for Wii

Famitsu report suggests effort being made.

Fresh details on Nintendo's forthcoming 'Play It On Wii' range of GameCube re-issues have emerged, revealing that more effort is being invested than may have previously been thought.

A report in the latest issue of Famitsu (translated by IGN) reveals that Donkey Kong Jungle Beat has been tweaked in key areas.

For starters, rather than using the ludicrous Bongo peripheral, the game now controls like a traditional platformer - with movement of Donkey Kong assigned to the nunchuk analogue stick, and jumping mapped to the A button.

Motion controls will also play a part in the punch and jump mechanics, while Nintendo has also taken the opportunity to tweak minor elements such as enemy positioning and mid-level checkpoints.

The re-issue of Pikmin, meanwhile, appears to be a more straightforward motion control update. As expected, you'll be able to control your alien army by pointing the Wii remote, holding down A to pick them up and throw them around, or B to shout out to them.

Release dates were also touched upon in the Famitsu article, with Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat arriving first on 11th December and Pikmin coming on the 25th.

No dates have been confirmed for the rest of the world as yet, but our spies suggest that February/March is a safe bet. More news on pricing and dates when we get them. How much would you pay, Eurogamer reader?