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Xbox 360 winning online battle, says Epic

Bossman sings Microsoft's praises.

The Xbox 360 is winning the online battle by "adding cool stuff", according to Epic Games president Dr. Michael Capps.

Speaking in an interview with, Capps gave the launch of the Xbox Experience on November 19th the thumbs up. "The way they're expanding the Live presence - you know, they're leading right now, they're winning," he said. "And the way you continue to do that is to keep adding cool stuff that everybody wants."

But Capps admitted that he would have liked to have supported more of the new features in Gears Of War 2.

"It's tough, because we really wanted to - and obviously, being first party we work very closely with their tech teams, but they were finishing it after we were locking down a lot of our core feature sets, so we could only do so much," he explained.

"But I love the fact that you boot through the dashboard now. I understand how some gamers might not like it so much, but that's how you join into the Xbox Live experience. Your dashboard comes up, you get to see what's new, hey, there's some free stuff you didn't know about - instead of just booting into your game and missing the community," Capps added.

Head over to the full transcript on, where Capps discusses Gears of War 2, the Unreal engine and the company's plans for Xbox Live Arcade.