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Play EG's Name That Game compo

Decipher screenshots and win a Wii!

Sound the trumpets, for the world famous Eurogamer Name That Game! competition has begun.

From many will emerge five brave and victorious winners, each of whom will win a Nintendo Wii and copy of top action game Disaster: Day of Crisis.

The Name That Game! competition challenges you to name the game a screenshot belongs to - selecting one answer from a list of five. How very easy. But what if we jumble and distort the images; what about now, clever clogs?

Those that possess the gift and can guess five correct games in a row will be automatically entered into our grand prize draw. Those who do not, however, may be ridiculed. Entries close on 30th November.

But you needn't stop at five correct answers; each successful attempt builds your score and gives you an accuracy percentage, so we've correlated these into user leaderboards to see who's best. There's also table for who managed the longest run of correct answers.

Prestige and prizes await, so log into your Eurogamers account to begin.

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Disaster: Day of Crisis

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