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Crayon Physics Deluxe pre-orders live

15 dollars, including beta access soon.

Kloonigames' Independent Games Festival-winning Crayon Physics Deluxe is finally available to pre-order for a ridiculously minuscule USD 14.95, which will also grant access to a beta version in due course.

Crayon Physics Deluxe involves drawing objects with the mouse, which then become live and susceptible to physics, in order to drive a little crayon circle to a crayon star.

The cool bit (well, one of the cool bits) is that you can create little crayon physics machines, or, as John Walker put it in our Crayon Physics Deluxe hands-on preview, "it's building the most astonishingly stupid and over-complicated solutions to puzzles, involving elaborately peculiar mechanisms, that's most rewarding".

The full game will be released "when it's done", at a regular price of USD 19.95, but pre-orders get a USD 5 discount and access to the aforementioned beta, for which there is no release date, but which we're expecting soonish.

And if you're still sitting on the fence in the current harsh economic climate (sell the fence!), perhaps the following, from author Petri Purho's blog, will sway you: "There won't be any kind of DRM, because I've found that it only hurts the real customers."

Check out the game's official website for a demonstration of how it works and a pre-order link.