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PS3 firmware up to 2.52

Minor update available now.

Sony has updated the PlayStation 3 firmware to 2.52.

As you can probably tell from the 0.02, this is a minor update and a post on the PlayStation Blog yesterday evening said that "playback quality of some PS3 format software" had been improved.

2.52 also fixes an issue with text entry that occurs "when using the on-screen keyboard, USB keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard with some PS3 format software".

The last update, 2.5, introduced Flash 9 support, power-save settings for pads and the system itself, and various other bulletpoints that I'd have to alt-tab and scroll down to see.

2.52 is mandatory, as ever, so once you fire up your PS3 make sure to head over to the System Update part of the settings menu to grab it. Alternatively, you can find it at your local branch of PlayStation.com.

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