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Bruiser & Scratch for WiiWare in Dec

Block-pushing cat-and-dog puzzler.

Steel Penny Games has announced that its upcoming WiiWare puzzle game, Bruiser & Scratch, will be released next month.

There's no word on how much it will cost, but we do at least know more about it than the average what-the-hell-is-that WiiWare release.

Bruiser & Scratch is a single-player game in which the titular Bruiser and Scratch - a dog and a cat - move blocks around to solve puzzles on a grid in a strange fantasy world, controlled by either a Wiimote and nunchuk combo or the classic controller.

The idea is to assemble said blocks into one big shape, apparently, and meet other anthropomorphised animals along the way.

Not that the latter is too surprising given the company was founded by veterans of Jak & Daxter developer Naughty Dog, although those hoping for a similar visual style will be disappointed. Think more Tim Burton or Alice in Wonderland.

"It was our goal to develop a game full of character and fun that the entire family looks forward to enjoying together, a little bit at a time. Naturally, Wii is the ideal platform for this," said Steel Penny boss Jason Hughes.

You can see how the game looks in our Bruiser & Scratch screenshot gallery.