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How to put Avatars in old XBLA games

Microsoft explains the update process.

Avatars arrive with the new Xbox 360 front-end today, and Microsoft has explained how to add them to older Xbox Live Arcade games that support them.

The Gamerscore blog said that Uno should update automatically, but there are a few steps involved in introducing Avatars to Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades and Bomberman Live.

First you'll need to accept and download the title update. The game will reload and you'll be offered a further download with the new features - hit A to accept. Then proceed with the download in the usual way.

"For most users, there will be a checkmark next to the full game download option," explained the Blog. "This is okay, as a re-download of the package is necessary in order to enable the new features."

It sounds simple, and yet at the same time rather complicated. Basically, keep mashing the A button and you should be fine.

You'll also find Avatar support in today's new Arcade game, Kingdom for Keflings, and in Scene It? Box Office Smash.

The New Xbox Experience goes live at 10am UK time.