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New toys for Bomberman Live!

Fresh faces and places.

Hudson has blown up plans for new Bomberman Live! content, which will be available next Wednesday for 250 points (GBP 2.13 / EUR 3).

Inside the ticking box of goodies will be 10 new characters, such as Bomberella the cavewoman and El Bombito the matador, as well as two new levels – the magical Medieval Times and racetrack Full Tilt.

There's also a new Bomb Shelters game mode that lets you hide from explosions in little fireproof huts, plus a pair of fresh leaderboards to track how long you take getting round the Full Tilt map.

Bomberman Live! is a revamp of the classic bomb-slinging multiplayer game, where you have to blow up your opponents by catching them in your explosions.

It will cost you 800 points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) and is well worth the money, as our Bomberman Live! review will point out.