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New Bomberman content soon

For XBLA game.

Hudson and Microsoft are keeping someone in the office over Christmas to push a big red button marked "Bomb-Up Pack 3", which is to say that there will be some downloadable content for Bomberman Live released on Boxing Day.

Hudson's announcement doesn't actually specify whether or not the pack will be released in Europe (the text comes from Hudson in the US), but it better be. Or there'll be trouble. Probably.

The aforementioned Bomb-Up Pack 3 will cost 250 Microsoft Points (GBP 2.13 / EUR 2.91) and includes ten new characters, two new levels and a new game mode - with a pair of new leaderboards to track weekly and all-time stats for it.

The new game mode is called "Friendly Fire", and replaces all the hard blocks in the arena with holes, so explosive trails stretch across the screen regardless of whether they're positioned along thoroughfares or not. Players will also be equipped with the Power Bomb power-up to increase the devastation as they race each other for the most kills.

Elsewhere the two new levels are called Cavity Land and Robot Factory, so make of that what you will, and the ten new characters include one called Shinobi Bomb and, er, Bomb2-D2. For shame, Hudson.