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Wii browser update in the pipeline

Opera to get a facelift in December.

Nintendo is said to be readying an update for the Wii's Opera browser, set for release in December.

As reported by GoNintendo and Gamereactor, the update is expected to include a number of new things to play around with and generally make your browsing easier. There'll be new buttons, although what functions these may actually perform remains moot. Word is you can expect a six-sided 'tabcube' allowing six different pages to be kept handy, in-browser Wii mail visibility and compatibility with Wii Speak - the communication toy bundled with Animal Crossing.

The price for the browser will remain a weighty 500 Nintendo points, although the update will be entirely free for people who already own the older version.

Nintendo was unavailable for comment at the time of writing, but worryingly the latest update we could find on the official Nintendo site was full of enthusiasm for how the Wii enables "easy, one-handed casual browsing". By which, of course, we are attempting to pass off a loose reference to onanism as investigative journalism. We thank you.