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Killzone 2 beta to end on Sunday

Last testing phase, but demo possible.

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Guerrilla Games has told Eurogamer that the semi-public beta for Killzone 2 will draw to a close this Sunday.

This will be the third and final testing phase for the Dutch developer, who'll be tweaking features such as the Revive ability and Shotgun range as a result of community feedback.

Unfortunately, Guerrilla was unable to share plans for a demo prior to Killzone 2's February 2009 release. The developer also told us DLC was planned post-release, but couldn't say what exactly it will be.

Killzone 2 turned many heads back at the Eurogamer Expo for lavish visuals and lots of noisy gunfights. And, thankfully, Guerrilla is pouring as much effort into the multiplayer side of the game, which we gave a good seeing to recently.

Head over to our hands-on impressions of the Killzone 2 multiplayer beta to find out what we thought.

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