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Killzone 2 double XP weekend

Developer celebrates anniversary.

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Guerrilla Games plans to celebrate tomorrow's fifth anniversary of Killzone PS2's European release with a double XP weekend and other activities.

According to lead multiplayer designer Eric Boltjes, writing on the PlayStation blog, any game set up between 27th and 30th November will accrue extra experience points.

What's more, the developer is planning to run a retro tournament using only the Beach Head and Southern Hills maps from the second downloadable content pack - the connection being that both are remakes of Killzone 1 levels.

If for some reason you don't have said DLC pack, and can't be bothered to buy it, Boltjes adds that there will be DLC code giveaways over on, along with various features to celebrate the milestone.

As to how you might celebrate it around here, we'd suggest returning to our Killzone PS2 review, but since we gave it 5/10 that probably won't suit the occasion.

Best to read our Killzone 2 review instead, because Guerrilla really came good. We hope to one day live in a world where everyone spells its name correctly.

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