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Guerrilla recruits Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer devs for unannounced game

"Secret Game is Secret!"

Guerrilla Games has been acquiring talent from Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege team.

An eagle-eyed member of ResetEra (via PushSquare) noticed the Horizon: Zero Dawn developer had recently taken on a couple of Six alumni, including game director Simon Larouche who joined Guerrilla nine months ago for a game described only as "Secret Game is Secret!".

This is Larouche's second stint at Guerrilla, having previously worked on Killzone 2 before leaving the studio to join Ubisoft in 2009.

Chris Lee, who'd been an online and multiplayer designer for Six, has only this month taken up the position of principal game designer on - yep, you guessed it - an unannounced Guerrilla game.

So far, so what, right? Developers move around all the time. But given Lee and Larouche's specific experience in crafting multiplayer design, it's possible Sony's next big platform exclusive - regardless of whether it's a new Killzone game or a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel (with, as one commenter hoped, "battle royale as mecha dinos") - could offer a Rainbow Six Siege-esque multiplayer experience.

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