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Hendrix GHWT song pack on Live

Instrument bundles out tomorrow.

Activision has popped a Jimmy Hendrix song pack for Guitar Hero World Tour onto Xbox Live.

Inside are three tracks by the wacky guitarist: "Fire (Live from Woodstock)", "If 6 Was 9" and "Little Wing". All three as a bundle will cost 440 Microsoft Points (GBP 3.74 / EUR 5.28).

Guitar Hero World Tour launched in Europe last weekend as a guitar-and-game and solus disc release, with the big instrument bundles to be available from tomorrow.

Perhaps because of this, the next iteration in the massive Guitar Hero franchise only managed to debut at 17 in the UK all-formats chart.

Activision will also directly lock horns with MTV and old partners Harmonix later this month, when Rock Band 2 launches as a timed-exclusive on Xbox 360. But again, instrument bundles will arrive a little later, as will the versions for other platforms.

Who will win? We shall wait and see. But what we do know is that both Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 are excellent and well worthy of your money.

Head over to our Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 reviews to find out why.

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