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Last Remnant DLC coming in December

The most challenging tasks yet.

Square Enix will be offering a pile of downloadable extras for Last Remnant in December, and most of them will be free.

The first challenge pack, Purgatory Sins, leads the charge on 1st December. It's free, and contains some tricksy guild tasks to fulfil, requiring "adequate game progression", apparently.

Players will be offered the keys to the Ancient Ruins on the same day, also for free. Silver Xbox Live members will have to wait until 8th December for both of these.

Next, on 15th December, is the March to War Set, which costs a paltry 100 Microsoft Points (GBP 0.85 / EUR 1.20). This adds three new battle formations: Scatterswarm, Goblet and Catapult.

Finally, on 22nd December (29th December for Silver members), there's the second challenge pack, The Price of Lies. Inside are more guild tasks, and these are supposed to be the most difficult yet.

The Last Remnant popped onto shelves last Thursday, but failed to make the sort of impact usually expected from a Square Enix RPG.

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