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Square Enix games headed for Steam

The Last Remnant will be first to emerge.

Valve has secured Square Enix's PC releases for sale on Steam.

The Last Remnant will be the first to appear on 9th April, and be joined over time by more Square Enix titles.

It's another feather in the western-expansion hat for the Japanese role-playing game specialist, which believes that multi-format, multi-region launches are the way forward.

Square Enix put its money where its mouth is earlier this month by offering a hefty 84 million pounds for Eidos, the company that owns the iconic Tomb Raider series.

Valve has now secured the catalogues of some of the world's biggest publishers for release on Steam. The most notable absence is EA, which is still soldiering on with its own digital delivery service.

The Last Remnant was confirmed for PC late last year and adds a choice of Japanese or English voice-overs, better character animations and the option for multiple leaders to form unions.

That, however, may not be enough to counter the average repitation of the action role-playing game.

Head over to our Xbox 360 review of The Last Remnant to find out why.