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Squenix handling Supreme Commander 2

Gas Powered Games picks new friend.

Square Enix is set to publish Supreme Commander 2.

Details, including dates, "platform(s)" and gameplay features will be available at a "later time", the company told us. All we do know is that developer Gas Powered Games will once again be at the helm.

Not only is Supreme Commander 2 a real-time strategy game, but it's also only to be available in North America and Europe. Well how about that? All a bit out of the ordinary for RPG-loving Square Enix.

Supreme Commander launched on PC back in February 2007, featuring screen-filling battles with masses of zoom and a sort of colour-coded global overview. We thought the game was excellent, if a little overwhelming. And all the commotion soon warranted an Xbox 360 version, which, sadly, was much less essential.

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