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WarioWare titles planned for DSi

Create and share mini-games.

Nintendo is planning a swathe of WarioWare games for release on the downloadable DS service, DSiWare.

One of these, WarioWare: Photograph, will be designed specially for the DSi, according to a financial performance chat by Satoru Iwata (reported by GameSpot).

The game will make use of the new camera; set the DSi on a table and your silhouette image will be used in various mini-games - there's an example of one where players have to line their fingers up underneath a big, bogey-laden nose. WarioWare: Photograph will be out in Japan this December.

For existing DS owners there will be WarioWare: Myself, a more traditional mini-game affair but with a create and share element. There's even a WiiWare counterpart in the works, which will allow user created games to be played, but will not feature a toolset itself.

On top of this WarioWare madness, Nintendo plans downloadable utilities such as clocks and calendars that will feature famous characters such as ooh maybe Mario. There are some DSiWare ArtStyle puzzlers in the pipeline, too.

There's no mention of cost, mind you; so far we know some DSi titles will be free, while others will cost either 200, 500 or 800 Nintendo points (GBP 1.70 / 4.25 / 6.80).

The DSi, which launched in Japan on 1st November, will not hit European shops until next year. Unfortunately, software for the handheld will also be region-locked, curbing the flow of imports.

Still, 17 per cent bigger screens.

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