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GDC: Moving Memo, WarioWare for DSi

Space Invaders heading to VC soon.

Nintendo has shown off a pair of the first Western DSiWare releases during Satoru Iwata's keynote address at GDC: Moving Memo and WarioWare Snapped!

Moving Memo is an application that allows you to draw things and then bring them to life as animations. One example, as described by live text scribbletress Ellie, from the GDC demo: "A boy opens his mouth, a plane emerges. Donkey Kong. A kid with a machine gun, a kid on a skateboard. A Super Mario level! A line-drawn Mario gets his hat blown off. It's all technically quite crude, but very cute all the same."

The other game, WarioWare Snapped! (title from Nintendo Europe's press release post-conference), uses the camera. You pose for it, then line up your hands and face on the top-screen and follow instructions - grab coins, touch balls, shake water off a cartoon dog. Then you watch the video of yourself pratting around in playback. Check out our WarioWare Snapped! screenshot gallery to see what it looks like.

Dates and pricing weren't given, but with the system out on 3rd April we expect they're launch titles. Other DSiWare games at GDC include PYORO and Art Style: AQUITE.

Iwata also said that Space Invaders would soon be on Virtual Console, joining a range of arcade games, four of which are live today along with the system software that adds SD card game playback.