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GHWT Xbox Live event next weekend

Sparkly prizes up for grabs.

Activision plans to run an entire weekend of organised Guitar Hero World Tour events on Xbox Live starting next Thursday, 27th November with an Xbox All Nighter running from dusk until dawn.

Then there's the Play & Win Sweepstakes, which run from Friday to Sunday, where revellers stand a chance at bagging an entire Samsung television home theatre package. 1GB memory sticks and portable Guitar Hero USB/batter speakers are on offer as well. To enter, simply register for the GHWT weekend and then play a co-op multiplayer session on Xbox Live.

Finally, on Sunday from 10pm until 1am GMT, there's the chance to take on staff from GHWT developer Neversoft. They'll probably be very good, and have roped in QA testers and everything, which shows their fear.

The registration site isn't up yet, helpfully, but should appear over on the Guitar Hero World Tour page.

A spokesperson for Activision also told Eurogamer there were no plans for a similar event on the PlayStation Network.

Guitar Hero World Tour instrument bundles went on sale last Friday, thrusting the game to sixth in the UK All-Formats chart.

Incidentally, Rock Band 2 launches here on Xbox 360 this Friday, with instrument bundles to follow in December.