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Gears 2 multiplayer patched

Long matchmaking delays eased.

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Epic has released an update for its 360 blockbuster Gears of War 2, intended to help with the long waits some players were experiencing in multiplayer matchmaking.

The skill-based Public matchmaking system was the one struggling to cope with demand, especially for single-player and four-player parties.

In a thread on the official forums, senior producer Rod Fergusson detailed the steps Epic has taken to speed things along: reducing the number of matchmaking servers to increase the number of possible matches, mostly. The effect of some adjustments will be felt immediately but, Fergusson warned, some may take a few days to "play out".

Also included were fixes to stop the loss of some stats data on, and a solution to the problem caused some players to be unable to start the game's campaign if Xbox Live was unavailable.

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