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Sony dodges PSP2 "speculation"

Processor licence sparks talk.

Sony has declined to comment on "rumour and speculation" that a processor has already been licensed for a successor to the PSP.

The platform holder was speaking after Imagination Technologies Group announced a partnership with a "major international consumer electronics company" earlier this week.

No names were given, but EE Times was told by unnamed sources that the "high-volume consumer device" mentioned in the press release was the "PSP2".

Imagination Technologies Group recently concluded a hefty licence agreement with another international electronics giant, apparently.

Again, there's no name, but EE Times followed a breadcrumb trail back to Apple, which uses Imagination's graphics technology in the iPhone.

Sony launched the second redesign of the PlayStation Portable in October, dubbed the PSP-3000. Its most notable features are a brighter screen and a built-in microphone, and we like to think the buttons stick out a bit more.

Prior to this, there arrived the more dramatic PSP Slim & Lite, which was just as its name suggests.

With Sony having boasted about a 10-year plan for the PSP, we'd be surprised if it was moving to replace the handheld so soon, but we've seen stranger things.

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