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PS3 game vending machines unveiled

Sony to roll out across UK this Christmas.

Sony plans to sell PS3 games through a new line of "PoP" entertainment vending machines in the UK this Christmas.

These boxes will appear in cinemas, gyms, universities and travel stations, according to Stuff. And, as they are a joint venture with Universal, they will also offer plenty of Blu-Ray films, DVDs and music.

Upon purchase, more substantial items such as those on Blu-ray and DVD will drop into a collection opening, all lovingly shrink-wrapped.

Smaller offerings like music and other media files will be directly transferable to USB memory devices or MP3 players.

We'll apparently be able to choose from over 150 films at launch, including recent and decent releases such as Hellboy II and Mamma Mia. It's enjoyable; leave me alone. Dates and prices are expected soon.

Incidentally, Tom says these sorts of machines are common in US airports. Gosh, people even sell books in vending machines these days.

Instant entertainment. After you walk home and put it on.