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New Oddworld game on the way

Complete with new animation system.

Maxis co-founder Jeff Braun has revealed he's working on a new instalment in the Oddworld series.

As reported by student newspaper The Cord Weekly, Braun made the announcement at a speech at Wilfrid Laurier University. He told the audience the game is being developed by series creator Oddworld Inhabitants.

"They're such a talented group of people and I really trust their ability to create a compelling content," he stated.

The game will feature a new 3D animation system designed to produce visuals of the same quality as you'd expect in a CGI feature film. "The rendering tools are getting so good now for 3D animation that you can literally create a linear animation and create a video game using the exact same objects," Braun said. "The tools are finally getting to the level where we can come out with a show and we can come up with a game."

Once digital assets have been created, he went on to explain, they could be used for both games and movies. "You're literally on the set," apparently. Braun also hinted the next Oddworld game could be released episodically. But not for a good while yet - according to Braun it could be "years" before work on the project is complete.

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