Citizen Siege

Oddworld will return, confirms Lanning

Oddworld will return, confirms Lanning

Maxis co-founder helping out.

Oddworld Inhabitants boss Lorne Lanning has confirmed the studio is working on new "stuff" relating to the Oddworld universe.

Lanning's comments come just a few days after Maxis co-founder Jeff Braun told an audience of students he's helping out on a new Oddworld game.

"I can confirm that we're working with Jeff on Oddworld stuff," Lanning told our close personal friends

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New Oddworld game, CG film

Called Citizen Siege.

Lorne Lanning and his studio Oddworld Inhabitants is set to make an ambitious return to interactive entertainment with Citizen Siege, a new original property developed from conception as a CG animated movie and videogame.

Oddworld bails out of gaming

Lorne Lanning launches a broadside on EA's marketing as a parting shot to the industry.

Californian developer Oddworld Inhabitants is to move away from the videogames market, according to studio president Lorne Lanning, who says that the firm will now focus on the film and television sectors.