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WOW: Lich King sees its first level 80

French player Nymh does it in 27 hours.

World of Warcraft has its first official level 80 on live servers: Nymh, a warlock on the European French-language server Drek'thar.

The anonymous player achieved the feat 27 hours after the European servers for the new expansion Wrath of the Lich King went online, according to an interview on MMO Champion.

The mystery levelling maestro is 21 years old and used to lead a raiding guild.

Nymh spent those 27 hours incessantly grinding monsters in a single crypt in the Grizzly Hills area, where the respawn rate is fast and the monsters are neutral, thus reducing danger and downtime. Nymh was kept alive by a healer throughout the process (but not in the same party, so Nymh kept all the XP).

Sounds fun.

Apparently Nymh beat a paladin called Darus to level 80. Darus was suspended by Blizzard at level 79 and eventually bumped back to level 70 after being found to be using an exploit.

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