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Metal Gear Online has 1 million fans

Free Reward shop points for everyone.

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Konami has said over 1 million people are now members of Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer component to MGS4 that launched back in June.

To celebrate, Konami will be handing out free in-game points between 25th November and 9th December.

Anyone accessing the online game during that period will be given 10,000 points, and also entered into a draw to win 100,000 points.

These points, remember, can be spent at the in-game Reward shop to buy things like new costumes. And everybody likes dressing up.

Incidentally, Metal Gear Online servers will be taken down today for some scheduled maintenance, according to the official MGO website. Lights will go out between 4pm and 6pm GMT.

Head over to our Metal Gear Online gamepage for our review plus plenty of news about the expansions.

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