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No Xbox 360 price drop for "many years"

Bossman says current deal is "great value".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

UK Xbox boss Stephen McGill has said there are no plans to reduce the price of Xbox 360 for "many, many years".

"I'm not going to speculate where [the price] might go in five or ten years time," he told Videogamer.

"But we've obviously just reduced the price and that's because we can pass the cost reductions we have straight on to consumers."

Following the recent price cut, the Arcade model Xbox 360 costs GBP 129.99, while the 60GB model costs GBP 169.99 and the Elite is GBP 229.99. McGill reckons that's "incredibly affordable" and "great value" to boot.

"We're a great price now," he added. "I'm not dropping the price for many, many years in the future, I would suspect."

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